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Anhui HELI Co. Ltd Limited is the main subsidiary of Anhui forklift group company,was listed on the Shanghai stock exchange at 1996, the registered capital of 514 million yuan, is currently China's large scale and complete industrial chain, comprehensive strength and good economic benefits of industrial vehicle research and development, manufacturing and export base; is the first listed company in China forklift industry, have national enterprise technology center, is also a national innovation oriented enterprises, key high-tech enterprise of national torch plan project of Anhui province construction machinery (Hefei) base of leading enterprises.

HELI forklift leading product is"HELI" brand series of forklift, online production of 1700 kinds of models, 512 kinds of products with independent intellectual property rights, the comprehensive performance of the products in the leading domestic and international advanced level. Since 1991, the main economic and technical indicators for 25 consecutive years to maintain the leading position in the domestic industry. 2006, forklift group had enter the world's top 10 industrial vehicles industry, in 2011 ranked eighth in the international. The company has an independent marketing network in the country, the establishment of 24 provincial-level marketing network and two more than and 400 agent sales service outlets, with a sound and perfect service system.

  • 5.14
    Registered capital 514 million
  • 512
    512 independent intellectual property rights products
  • 400
    Over 400 second line agent sales service outlets
  • 24
    24 provincial marketing network

Has establish a network of overseas agents In over 80 overseas countries and regions, the products are sold to 140 countries and regions in the world, including in Europe and the United States accounted for the company's export volume 60%. complete sales exceeded 80 thousand units in 2013, which exceeded ten thousand units for export, HELI forklift brand share exceeded 27% of domestic market, total profit and tax of 1 billion 4 million yuan, registered number of employees over 8000 people. "13th Five-Year", Anhui HELI will aim for “hundred years HELI,  world top five "as the goal, and strive to become the China industrial vehicle industry leader, the industry leader in global industrial vehicles," China HELI, lifting the future".

People oriented  return society with high quality product

HELI aim to enter the world top five in global vehiclesindustrial as short-term goal, determined to become a world-class, everlasting enterprises.           

Hundred year HELI  is our definition of the concept, the world's top five is the goal of our quantitative. HELI people  work step by step and constantly strive for progress, and gradually expand the business bigger and stronger. Since the beginning of the new century, HELI has entered a rapid development period, in 2006, the world's top ten forklift industry. Today we put forward into the world's first group of forklift industry, to enter the world's top five goals, is the history of our glorious heritage, but also the pace of HELI people will never stop!

Since the birth of HELI,carrying a lot of people's hope. HELI vision is the inevitable requirement of the enterprise mission, is the leader of the high expectations of HELI, is the industry serve the country's social responsibility, is to customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and the public over the years, is beyond their own to be world-class incentive. Try to enter the world top five forklift industry, will work together to create a world-class brand, in order to achieve hundred years together.

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